Timeless Possibilities

We Feel That Your Precious Metals Must Also Be Stunning And Gorgeous. So, What Is A WISE And Prudent Investment Decision? Your Precious Metal Investments And Collections. Whether You Are Expressing Hesitation Or Carefully Choosing Timeless Possibilities, We Are Certain That Our Gold And Silver Collection Will Never Disappoint You.

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Shimmering Glow

Experience Our 2018 Collection. At AGSPP We Look Further Than The Shimmering Glow Of Gold And Silver. We Penetrate Deep Into The Reality Of Your Fantasy And Bring It To Life. Placing Pure 24k Gold, And .9999 Silver Bars In Your Hand Is At The Very Core Of Our Heart's Desire. We Have Selected The Most Prestigious Precious Metal Houses In The World In Order To Satisfy Your Every Need. Experience Our 2018 Collection.

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Metal Luminosity

Take Your Pick From The Finest Gold, Silver, Platinum And Palladium Selection In Our Inventory. Let Us Fulfill Our Assignment. Allow Us To Bring Light And Joy To Your Life With Our Collection of Precious Metals. We Bring You The Highest Quality Of Product. Let Our Gold and Silver Bullion Add To Your Wealth And Bring Joy To Your Heart.

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Metallic Rythms

American Gold | SPP takes pride in the high standards of our world-class bullion, assay services, reference and analysis tools, as well as our services. We carry thousands of Gold, Silver, Platinum and Palladium products, sized from 1/2 gram to more than 1,000 ounces. So the question remains, [ How Do I Invest In Precious Metals? ]

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How To Buy Physical Gold & Silver

In many ways, buying Gold and Silver is like making other investments. In some ways, it is like purchasing other products. Here are a few things you will want to know as you begin the buying process.

Receive F R E E Shipping With Orders $99 or More. #AmericanGoldSPP

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Our Philosophy

The marking of historical or significant events with commemorative coins and medals is a hallmark of all civilizations, and AGSPP honors that very human need with wide-ranging minting services and prompt turnaround. We offer precision minting that exceeds market standards, with an experienced production team.

In Our Own Words

Frequently Asked Questions

| Produits Artistiques Métaux Précieux |

The American Gold | SPP® COLLECTION |

We Have The Honor To Present The Finest Precious Metals, Rare Gemstones, And Dissentient Materials Casted And Minted By The World’s Best Mint Houses in the World. 

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You Will Discover How AGSPP Has Raised The Quality And Service Standards To Soaring Heights. 


AGSPP Brings You The Unusual & Remarkable Range Of Shapes And Gorgeous Designs.

Most Prominent In Rank Is AGSPP's Most Wanted Of Inspiring World-Famous 'Lady Fortuna,' The First Artistic Design EVER To Decorate Precious Metals Bars.