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American Gold | SPP is the epicenter renaissance in American coinage for those interested in the collection, investments and the accumulation of wealth through the owning of physical gold and silver#AmericanGoldSPP

Serving the continental United States, THE WORLD OF AMERICAN GOLD | SPP branches out from the very cosmopolitan downtown area and sunny beaches of Fort Lauderdale to the beautiful and elegant city of Palm Beach where it is not only a great place to live, but it is also a great vacation spot.

American Gold | SPP Classic Masterpieces
American Gold | SPP Classic Masterpieces


American Gold | SPP is providing unparalleled service to experienced as well as young precious metal collectors, investors and those interested in accumulating wealth through gold and silver using the latest technology in our state of the art website combined with personalized assistance.

We do this not only by providing our clients with a wide range of precious metal products in affordable prices but by allowing them to be in full control of their investments, their buying, selling and by allowing them to make the ultimate decisions as to when, how and the quantity that they will invest.

Investors and collectors alike will find a grand range of combination of precious metals. From one of the most popular 1 gram gold bars to the 1 kilo gold bar.

In layman’s term, there is room for everyone at the inn and now is the time to invest. Our clients have been known to begin investing with as little as with $20. After all, Rome was not built in one day.

Accumulation takes time and we advise you to work with what you have available at your disposal. Others however, will begin to invest with a lot more but again, the goal is to accumulate and the sensible thing to do is to work with what you have at your disposal.

This gives those who are starting to accumulate wealth through precious metals room to breath comfortably in an incomparable investing atmosphere without the pressure or pushy telemarketers. There is nothing greater than to see your wealth and your investments grow. It gives people a sense of accomplishment and most of all it gives you financial security now and in the future.

American Gold | SPP American Indian Coin
American Gold | SPP American Indian Coin

It would be our pleasure to acquaint you with the benefits and privileges of owning physical gold and silver and help you begin to accumulate wealth through them. We will help you set up a free account at no charge.

Besides Receiving F R E E Shipping With Orders $99 or More, You will have access to all these other practical and helpful features.


This is the place where you can monitor your wealth 24/7 from the comfort of your office or your own home. You can add gold and silver to your WISH LIST. You can receive updates on the latest gold and silver prices and latest information for your IRA and other investments.

If you feel that you need assistance with your FREE ACCOUNT, please feel free to contact one of our Managing Directors at our nationwide toll-free number 844-594-0050 or call us at our Palm Beach office 561-657-6806 to receive assistance setting up your FREE account. It is simple and it only takes five minutes to set up.

You can arrange a time that is convenient for you and we will help you set your account. In no time you will be up and running. Truly, you are moments away from changing your financial future with gold and silver.

The American Gold | SPP Membership Office is open Monday through Friday from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. and Saturdays and Sundays by appointment only. However you can always leave a message and we will call you as soon as we can.

American Gold | SPP will treat your call with the highest confidentiality, privacy and respect. We will direct you on your way to the accumulation of your wealth through gold and silver. You will always be in full control of your account and will always physically hold your investments in your hand.

By doing so, you will receive the highest privileges and an elite lifestyle now and in the future reserved for a select few who dared to invest their time and their money in silver and gold.

| Till The Stars Grow Cold |

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American Gold | SPP

Receive F R E E Shipping With Orders $99 or More. #AmericanGoldSPP

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