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Gorgeous Metals


We Offer An Extraordinary Range Of Gold And Silver Shapes Casted & Designed By The Top Gold Houses Of The World. Choose Gorgeous And Stunningly Designed Bars.

We Offer Elegant Options For Your Discriminatory Taste. Foremost, We Offer PAMP's World-Famous 'Lady Fortuna,' The First Artistic Design Ever To Decorate Precious Metals Bars.

Gold Bullions

Choose From A Vast Selections Of Top Quality Bullion. Gold, Oh Yes, That Precious Metal Of A Yellow Hue, Prized For Use In Jewelry And Decorative Arts. Its Chemical Element Symbol Is Au And Its Atomic Number Is 79. Gold Was Used To Guarantee Paper Currency In The U.S. Until 1934.

Gold Bars

Buying Gold Bars Is One Of The Most Cost-Effective, Safest And Easiest Ways To Own Physical Gold. Gold bullion Bars Come In A Variety Of Sizes. The Most Commonly Traded Gold Bars Are 1 oz Or Less, Often Purchased By Avid Investors.

Gram Bars

When Purchasing  Gram Gold Bars, Investors Are Participating In A Gold Market That Has Existed Thousands Of Years. Like these Gold Gram Bars, Gold Has Been Used In Trade Since At Least 560 B.C. In Lydia Where The First Known Gold Coins Were Minted.

US Mint Gold

Much Like U.S. Silver Coins, The United States Mint Produces High Quality Gold coins. U.S. Mint Gold Is High Quality And Provides Amazing Americana Style Designs Showcasing Some Of History's Important Moments.



Each American Gold Silver Platinum and Palladium Metal Bar Is Individually Registered, Sealed And Ready To Be Shipped To Its Rightful Owner.

198353_revBars Are Produced Using The Highest Engineering Skills At Modern, State-Of-The-Art Refineries – The Best Assurance Of Consistent Quality Excellence. 


What is the common link between the biblical Temple of Solomon, the dome over the tomb of Napoleon at Les Invalides in Paris and the Royal Bank of Canada's modern headquarters in Toronto? GOLD!


In the Temple of Solomon, the bible tells us, "Solomon overlaid the house within with pure gold: and he made a partition by the chains of gold before the oracle; and he overlaid it with gold" (1 Kings 6: 21).


Realizing its maxim ‘Trust is Precious’ to the utmost, #AmericanGoldSPP is pleased to offer an unprecedented service of dedicated, personalized sourcing and production process management – TRULY BEYOND PRECIOUS.