Silver Bars Have The Potential To Increase In Value

Even As Other Investments Falter

50038_obvWith so many distinctive Silver bars available at AGSPP, you may find it hard to decide which Silver bullion bars to add to your collection or give as gifts. From 1 oz Silver bars to 10 oz Silver bars, you will find we have Silver bars sorted by theme, brand and weight to make the selection process easy. The 5 oz Silver bars and other weights are further differentiated by type: hand-poured or pressed. You will discover the price of Silver bars varies by manufacturer and style of bar, so factor that into your purchase of Silver bars.

Browse 1 oz Silver bars by theme and you will find an array of attractive Silver bars for many different occasions. Consider buying 5 oz Silver bars featuring different themes, or to give as a special birthday gift. We also have Silver bars printed with the phrase, “Happy Birthday,” that are ideal for the person who has everything. Though the price of Silver may fluctuate, Silver bars are the kind of gift that has the potential to increase in value the longer the recipient keeps the Silver bars.

Many people create Silver bar collections by collecting them from one specific manufacturer. 1 oz Silver bars and other sizes from Engelhard are popular among collectors, and at AGSPP you will find both vintage and new Silver bars from this world-renowned mint. Other popular Silver bars are 5 oz Tombstone Silver bullion bars produced by the Scottsdale Mint. Worth more than the price of Silver, these unique Silver bars have a story to tell that revolves around the Wild Wild West and the Tombstone Mine.

With Silver bar collecting, you can also reveal your sense of whimsy by collecting Silver bullion bars that are not shaped like bars at all. Choose 1 oz Silver bars shaped like eagle heads, 2 oz Silver bars formed into the bust of Frankenstein, or go all out and select a 5 oz Silver bar that looks like a 3-D Teddy bear. Gun enthusiasts will love 5 oz Silver bars shaped to look like mini guns such as the Silver Desert Eagle Gun from Bison Bullion. For the price of Silver bullion, these are fun pieces to collect.