What Is Your Good Funds Policy?

Funds are considered “good” 4 business days from the day we receive your personal check or eCheck. Additional holding days may be added if your bank delays confirmation of your check payment. To realize the cash discount and avoid waiting for check funds to be good, you may consider paying by same day bank wire. Those funds are considered good upon receipt. eCheck payments eliminate the need to mail a payment, but are still held for verification of funds.

What Happens If I don’t Send a Check or Follow Up On My Order After it Has Been Confirmed?

Your order may be canceled if we do not receive payment within the required time period. Also, your account may be closed and you may no longer be able to place trades with us. If a decline in the market price occurs, you will be liable for any market loss we incur for locking in and accepting your order. (Our Market Loss Policy). You will be charged the difference between your confirmed price and the market buy price when your order is officially canceled. Any market gain on cancellations shall remain the property of AGSPP.

Can I Cancel My Order?

Once we have issued a confirmation number, all prices are locked-in whether buying from us or selling to us. It is not our intention to enter into buying and/or selling transactions, accepting the risks involved only to have them canceled. However, we realize rare situations happen where orders need to be canceled. Should you elect to cancel and/or offset your order, you must do so during normal business hours of 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. (ET) Monday – Thursday or 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. (ET) Friday.

All cancellations are subject to our Market Loss Policy plus a $35.00 (USD) cancellation fee. Cancellations may only be approved over the telephone, at which time you will be given a cancellation number. At that time, if any market loss to AGSPP has occurred, it will be calculated and added to the $35.00 (USD) cancellation fee. If applicable, any cancellation fee and/or market loss will be charged to your credit card for the full amount due, as per User Agreement. No future orders may be permitted until any market loss is paid in full. Any market gain on cancellations shall remain the property of AGSPP.