There Is a Wealth Transfer Coming

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Let Us Go Back to Gold and Silver

Your true wealth is your time and freedom. Money is just a tool to trading your time for your freedom. You see, you trade eight hours of your life daily to your boss and in turn he pays you CURRENCY for it, he doesn’t even pay you with money. And that is one of the problems. The problem is that you are not getting paid with money, you are getting paid with currency and the currency you are getting paid with for your time, which is the currency you now hold in your savings, investments etc, has very little worth if any at all. It just simply does not buy what it used to buy decades ago.

There is a wealth transfer that is coming and it will benefit all those who took advantage of the warning. The warning is that there is a soon to take place worldwide financial crisis. The world is going to have a new monetary system soon enough, and billions of people will experience it in their lifetime. Are you ready for it?Those who are holding on to their current devalued currency for future security, retirement and investments are in danger of losing everything they have ever owned. This includes their homes, their land, their livestock, stock market shares, holdings and other investments like 401k. These investments simply will not be worth anything in the near future.

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